The main objective of the LIFE VERTALIM project is to jointly solve, with all the actors involved, the problems generated by the discharges of small food companies located in the same area, for the controlled integration of these discharges into the urban treatment system in accordance with all stakeholders.

The project aims to develop a useful and transferable management tool for water management bodies and SMEs in the food sector, not only for the study area of the project, but also at a European level.

Specific objectives:

O1. Provide innovative solutions to the problems of discharges by SMEs in the food sector, addressing them in a comprehensive manner through eco-efficiency in processes.

O2. Reduce the strain on water treatment infrastructures, improving the management and performance of the WWTP by 40-70%.

O3. Implement a control and decision-making system for operators of water services, which enables them to monitor and manage coordinated discharges, avoiding bans or limitations.

O4. Create the appropriate framework for dialogue to integrate all of the players involved so that problems can be solved actively and collaboratively.

O5. Plan the replication and transfer to other European regions.

O6. Create new jobs and improve the competitiveness of the sector.

O7. Reduce the environmental impact on affected water resources (15%), ensuring that discharges are properly decontaminated before passing to the natural environment.