LIFE VERTALIM 3rd International conference EWaS 2018

LIFE VERTALIM in the 3rd International conference EWaS, entitled “Insights on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus” where it has been shown and explained the LIFE VERTALIM project through the development of a platform for the SMEs industrial wastewater integration into the urban wastewater.

During the days 26 to 30 of June, 3rd International conference EWaS 2018 has been held in Lefkada Island, Greece, organized by the University of Thessaly, Civil Engineering Department. The conference was aiming to bring together scientists dealing with challenges encountered throughout the entire water cycle.


The conference focused on efficient water systems giving insights on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus. Scientists had addressed and discussed issues related to hydraulics, hydrology, water resources systems management, climate change and environmental systems. Special emphasis had been given to the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications in urban water and wastewater management, environmental protection and the interaction among Water, Energy and Food. In addition, international case studies had been presented to bring together theory and practice.

The Conference’s topics dealed with hydraulics, hydrology, water resources systems management, urban water management, riverine systems, hydrodynamics and waves, global changes & smart cities, hydrology, raw and waste water treatment, waste management, groundwater and irrigation systems and advanced methods for environmental system analysis.

In the development of the conference, Mónica Gutiérrez, researcher at AZTI, made the oral presentation of the paper entitled “LIFE-VERTALIM: Methodologies for the integrated management of high polluted effluents from food SMEs to urban sanitation systems.