The 4th LIFE VERTALIM project meeting was held with the presence of the LIFE project monitor, Solon Mías from EASME and Cristina Vicente from NEEMO.

On 29 October 2019, the fourth follow-up meeting of the LIFE VERTALIM project was held, in which all the project partners (CABB, AZTI, CEIT, Conservas Marmar, HEISA, Conservas Güenaga and Conservas Aguirreoa) participated. Solon Mías de EASME and Cristina Vicente de NEEMO also visited us and shared the projecto results and developments.

During the day, the progress of the project was presented, which is currently in its finalization phase. Particularly interesting was the review of the impact that this project has had at different levels: technical, productive, environmental and even social.

In addition, in order to show these advances, we visited the different places where the implementation of this solution is being carried out. These locations allowed us to show the effectiveness of the controlled integration of industrial effluents in the urban sanitation network. The first visit was made to the Galtzuaran treatment plant in Ondarroa where we could see the implementation of different sensors for real time control that monitor the influent water of the WWTP. In addition, we could see modifications of the SCADA of the WWTP for the control of the discharges in different points of the sanitation network.

In the afternoon, we visited two of the tuna canning companies to see, at first hand, the improvements made in each of them in relation to minimising water consumption, reducing effluents pollution  at source and thus improving the sustainability of the sector.

In summary, it was an extremely interesting day, in which we were also able to share lessons and learnings from the implementation of the project with the EASME monitor and contrast them with his great experience during his years of work in the LIFE program and new ideas for the future.