LIFE VERTALIM en el 10th IWA Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment  (Watermatex 2019)

During the days 1-4 of September of 2019, the LIFE VERTALIM project has participated in this congress showing the main results of the project: the contribution of the proposed solutions for the inclusion of industrial discharges into the urban WWTP.

Watermatex aims at promoting the application of mathematical methods for modelling and simulation, data management, systems analysis and decision support within the entire water sector. The main purpose is to extend the use of models and computing tools to support the understanding, management and optimization of all water systems. New internet-based developments (i.e. digital water) like IoT, big data and machine learning can be highlighted, opening up new opportunities for enhanced modelling, but at the same time posing new threats in terms of cybersecurity.

In this context, the LIFE VERTALIM project was presented as a case study showing the use of mathematical models already established for help, resolution and advice in the case of the inclusion of highly contaminated industrial discharges in the urban sanitation system.

In addition, the results were shown about the impact of the application of these solutions on the environment and in the companies sustainability improvement.