On 4-7 September 2019, the LIFE VERTALIM project participated in CEST 2019 as a case study, presenting the main results of the project and the contribution of the solutions proposed for the inclusion of industrial discharges in the urban WWTP.

The CEST conference is organized biannually by the Global Network of Environmental Science and Technology, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Established in 1989, the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (CEST) is a relevant conference at which experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives of public administration and social initiatives present the latest developments in research on current and emerging environmental issues.

In this context, the LIFE VERTALIM project was presented as a case study showing the use of different approaches to solve a problem such as the management of industrial discharges of small food companies through the use of efficient production methodologies through the 3 Barriers System and the simulation platforms of sanitation networks for assistance, resolution and advice in the case of the inclusion of highly contaminated industrial discharges in the urban treatment plant.

In addition, the environmental impacts of the application of these solutions were shown and good results in the improvement of the sustainability of the companies.