LIFE VERTALIM took part in the CONAMA Local Toledo 2019 Congress organized by the Conama Foundation with the theme: Field and City, global agenda, meeting of towns and cities for sustainability.

CONAMA LOCAL TOLEDO 2019 – is a congress with environmental thematic that put a special focus on rural development, with the challenges of depopulation and territorial management as the central axis. These issues were addressed in a program that also investigated the major global challenges, climate change and the circular economy and its integration in the challenges of local sustainability.

Alberto Ciriza (CABB) contributed to the conference giving a presentation in which he shown the results of the LIFE VERTALIM project as an experience in circular economy and water management in a rural area. One of the main aspects to solve wastewater problems was the close collaboration established between a public water management body, 4 SMEs dedicated to the traditional production of tuna conserves and 2 technological.

Experiences in circular economy in the water sector

As a result, there came professionals from private and public entities showed innovation initiatives that are being developed in our geographical environment and that offer solutions to maximize efficiency, the reuse of the resource, the use of by-products or energy recovery, among many others.

  • New challenges and paradigm change. Víctor Monsalvo. Aqualia
  • Circular economy: optimizing management through innovation. Marta Caso. Aqualia
  • Biofactories: the circular economy in water management. Laura de Vega Franco. Director of Sustainable. Suez
  • WATINTECH. Intelligent and decentralized water management through dynamic integration of technologies. Ana María Álvarez Guerrero. Researcher Acciona Water
  • LIFE VERTALIM. Prevention and integral management of effluents with high organic and saline load from SMEs in the agri-food sector. Alberto Ciriza Corcuera. Trade Effluents Area Technician. Water Consortium of Bilbao Bizkaia.

Moderator: Santiago Molina Cruzate. Director. Instituto Superior de Medio Ambiente, ISM

In the presentation Alberto Ciriza highlighted the importance of LIFE VERTALIM in two fundamental aspects:

  • The implementation of a culture of eco-efficient production in four companies in the primary sector.
  • The use of the regional sanitation manager of telemetry systems as a key tool for the management of wastewater and industrial discharges of these companies.

Especially relevant was the technical details of the different telemetric stations, recently implemented, were given as they aroused interest among attendees.