Sustainable low-cost solutions with impact on the business for the canning sector

May 16, 2019 – The workshop dedicated to the fish canning sector was hold with the attendance of companies dedicated to the preparation of canned tuna, as well as companies dedicated to the preparation of salted and desalted cod.

The minimization of process water and the good management of effluents in the fish canning industry is possible through low-cost actions applied to production processes. In this way, canning companies improve their environmental status substantially and, as a consequence, the sustainability of the sector. This workshop was also focused on how to obtain financing to undertake these actions and what benefits it brings to their business to companies in the canning sector.
During the event, interesting questions and comments emerged from the presentations . Also it has shown the results of the LIFE VERTALIM project, in which canning companies have participated, giving rise to a specific eco-efficient production plan called Three Barrier System. This plan intertwines different actions aimed at improving the sustainability of the canning industry, demonstrating the effectiveness of a comprehensive solution (technical, legislative, social and environmental) for the integration of discharges from the food industry into the urban sanitation system with the support and agreement of all the agents involved in the problem.