The main partners of the LIFE VERTALIM Project organize a meeting in Lisbon with the main agents of interest for the transfer of the project.

On July 3, a meeting took place at the ICEX offices in Portugal to bring closer the LIFE VERTALIM solution to other areas with similar problems.

The meeting was organized with the invaluable help of ICEX (España Exportación e Inversiones) in Portugal. For this, it was attended by representatives of ANICP – Associação Nacional dos Industriais de Conservas de Peixe (National Association of Fish Canning Industries), Secretary of State for the Environment (Estado do Ambiente) and representatives of Aguas de Portugal. Since LIFE VERTALIM project we thank the attendees for the welcome received.

Furthermore, the meeting analyzed the problem of the artisanal processing of canned fish in the Basque Country, the problems that family businesses face to ensure the sustainability of the sector and the solutions proposed in the LIFE VERTALIM project for the integration of effluents in the urban sanitation network.

However, after the explanation, an interesting and entertaining debate took place about the common points of both regions and the possibility of replicating the proposed solution in some of the areas that have been identified in Portugal, with special emphasis on the vision within the circular economy to  recover by-products that otherwise end up in wastewater.

Finally, we should explain that the LIFE programme is the financial instrument from the European Union dedicated to the environment and climate change. Its general objective is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU policies and legislation on the environment and climate change through co-financed projects with European added value. Therefore this program includes activities and integral approaches within the project actions with the objective of facilitating the replication and transfer of project results beyond the geographical area and time of the project, including other sectors, regions or countries.