The European Federation of National Associations of Water Services (EurEau)  hold its annual meeting, 60th EurEau congress from 18 to 20 October, in Bilbao

This meeting had the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS) and the Water Consortium Bilbao-Bizkaia as host entity, in the year of its 50th anniversary.During the first day of the Congress, the different working commissions addressed relevant issues such as: environmental protection, micro-pollutants, the value of water in the circular economy, reuse, the impact of climate change, innovation, as well as planned revisions in EU water policy related to, among others, the Water Framework Directive or the Drinking Water Directive.

Within this day, the LIFE VERTALIM project was presented within the Trade Effluent Policy group. The audience showed very interested in the topic and we have a great moment sharing our experiences in different countries.


The LIFE VERTALIM project seeks to solve environmental problems of small businesses located in the same area, whose activity generates, in a seasonal way, high organic and saline discharges. Therefore, the WWTPs are not able to manage it properly. As a result, it causes problems in the operation of sanitation infrastructures, does not guarantee the quality of treated water, and generates serious environmental problems. Hence, this project will have an impact on the main directives included in the WFD, such as the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, the Industrial Emissions Directive and also the implementation of the WFD on the Marine Strategy in relation to waste dumped into the sea.