On Wednesday, October 5, the kick-off meeting took place at the CABB facility in Sestao of the LIFE VERTALIM project.

The European initiative LIFE VERTALIM entitled Prevention and integral management of high polluted effluents from Food SMEs to urban sanitation system
aims to alleviate the problem of the impact caused by discharges to the collector from fish canning companies.

One of the main aspects is that the project will create the adequate framework to integrate all stakeholders with the aim of solving the problem actively and in cooperation in order to achieve am integral wastewater management

The main objective of the project is to solve jointly, with all the actors involved (canning companies, water management entities and administrations), the problems generated by discharges of small food companies located in the same area, for the controlled integration of said Discharged into the urban sanitation system.

This initiative aims to develop a useful and transferable management tool for water management entities and SMEs in the food sector, not only for the study area of the project, but also at European level.

The consortium of this project is formed by Consorcio de Aguas De Bilbao-Bizkaia (CABB), as coordinator, AZTI, Ceit-IK4, and the collaboration of four canning companies: Aguirreoa, Marmar, Heisa and Goenaga