Bringing the VERTALIM project closer to the little ones

In order to make clearer the problems and the solutions proposed by LIFE+ VERTALIM project, the Water Consortium of Bilbao-Biscay has created an infography to help children to visualize the project in a simple and intuitive way.

VERTALIM LIFE project aims to improve the environmental footprint of the tuna canning industry by creating a platform which remotely controls not only the discharges of tuna caning companies, but also the entire sewage system in the basin of bajo Artibai.

In this project, it will be demonstrated the technical, economic and environmental feasibilities for an integrated urban wastewaters and fish canning wastewaters treatment in the wastewater treatment plant located in Ondarroa.

The main goal of this infography is to show how the production of a Basque traditional product (tuna canning) is, as well as the environmental impacts linked to this industrial activity. Additionally, the infography also remarks the importance of proactive collaborative solutions to improve both canning process efficiency and wastewater management.