RIM02: Long-term environmental, climatic and anthropogenic factors affecting subtidal soft-bottom bentic communities withing the Basque Ccast

Autor / Editor: Maialen Garmendia, Ángel Borja, Iñigo Muxika (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2008 Content: Las relaciones entre factores ambientales, climáticos y antropogénicos, y las variables estructurales y de distribución de las comunidades bentónicas, fueron estudiadas en la costa
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RIM 20(10): Effects of pollution on fish and presence of marine litter on the seabed of the Basque continental shelf: supporting the Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Author /Editor: Joxe Mikel Garmendia, Nagore Cuevas, Joana Larreta, Izaskun Zorita and Iñaki Quincoces Year: 2013 Content: The European Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Directive 2008/56/EC), establishes a framework and common objectives for the protection and conservation of
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RIM20(9): Habitat suitability assessment for sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) within the Basque coast

Author /Editor: Fuensanta Riquelme, Juan Bald, Ibon Galparsoro, Pedro Liria, Iratxe Menchaca y José German Rodríguez Year: 2013 Content: Over the past few years the gastronomic interest on the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus has increased in the Basque Country; this has resulted
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RIM20(8): Demersal communities characterization and variability within Basque estuaries and the response to anthropogenic pressures

Author /Editor: Ainhize Uriarte, Joxe Mikel Garmendia, José Germán Rodríguez, Iñigo Muxika, Ángel Borja Year: 2013 Content: The early response to environmental disturbance and antropogenic pressure by estuarine fishes make them good indicators of changes, especially in regard to
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RIM 20(7): Operational protocol for the sighting and tracking of the cnidarian Physalia physalis (Portuguese man-of-war) in the southeastern Bay of Biscay

Author /Editor: Luis Ferrer, Nagore Zaldua-Mendizabal, Andrea del Campo, Javier Franco, Julien Mader, Unai Cotano, Adolfo Uriarte and José Antonio Aranda Year: 2013 Content:  Physalia physalis, commonly known as the Portuguese man-of-war, is a colonial organism (cnidarian),
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RIM20(6): Effect of fish sampling and tissue storage conditions in DNA quality: considerations for genomics studies

Author /Editor: Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, Iñaki Mendibil, Paula Álvarez and Unai Cotano (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2013 Content: Population genomics experiments of non-model organisms, such as most commercial fish, rely on isolating good integrity DNA from the study subjects. Yet,
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RIM20(5): Digital filters to suppress variability with periods of less than a given period

Author /Editor: Manuel González and Almudena Fontán (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2013 Content: In climatic time-series (atmospheric and sea surface temperature, sea level, atmospheric pressure, etc.), variability ranging from hours, days, months, seasons to several years can be
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RIM20(4): Economic and social portrait of the recreational boating and fishing in the Basque Country

Author /Editor: Lucía Zarauz, Raúl Prellezo, Estanis Mugerza, Iñaki Artetxe, Ruben Roa, Leire Ibaibarriaga and Luis Arregi (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2013 Content: This study outlines a biological, economic and social portrait of the recreational boating and fishing in the Basque
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RIM20(3): Suitability of real-time quantitative PCR to estimate the relative telomere length in European Hake (Merluccius merluccius Linnaeus, 1758)

Author /Editor: Estíbaliz López de Abechuco, Manuel Soto, Miguel Angel Pardo, Mark Haussmann and Guzmán Díez Year: 2013 Contenido: Telomere length measurement has been proposed as a promising tool to estimate the age of individuals in natural populations. We used real-time
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RIM 20 (02)

RIM20(2): The allocation of individual fishing quotas per vessel of Spanish Northeast Atlantic waters offshore fleet

Author /Editor: Ane Iriondo, Martín Aranda and Marina Santurtún (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2013 Content: Since year 2006, Spanish offshore fleets are assigned individual fishing quotas for certain ground fish species. This allocation is made based on fishing opportunities of each
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