RIM 22(2): “First data on production, phenology and seed viability on the marine seagrass Zostera noltei, within the Basque Country estuaries”

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Author /Editor: Garmendia, Joxe Mikel

Year: 2015

Content: Although the level of knowledge of the seagrasses of the Basque Country has increased in recent years (identification of all or almost all existing populations, distribution maps, tendencies, habitats description, affecting human pressures, future scenarios related to climatic change), the reproductive cycle is hardly known: phenology of seed production, seeds viability, dispersion, etc. To cover this gap of knowledge, some field and laboratory experiments were carried out, which have allowed to know the following aspects: (1) the flowers of Zostera noltei occur between June and November (both included); (2) the best months to collect seeds are October and November; (3) the rate of germination of the seeds from Oka and Bidasoa is 74% (s.d. 17.3); (4) 49% (s.d. 4.7) of the seeds germinated in 7 days; and 61% (s.d. 12.6) in 16 days; (5) the seeds sown in the field have produced plants; and (6) no seedling was obtained from seeds in laboratory. The information obtained is the result of exploratory tests and could be serve as guidance in more accurate tests that may run in the future with the objective of evaluation of seed usefulness in restoration works and relevance of sexual reproduction in Zostera noltei populations of the Basque Country


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