The Marine Research Journal (Revista de Investigación Marina-RIM) is published by the Marine Research Division of the AZTI Technology Centre.

AZTI, an Expert Technology Centre in Marine and Food Research, is a foundation striving for social development and improvement in competitiveness in its areas of action through research and technological innovation.

Set up in 1981, the foundation’s customers include a large number of companies, institutions and public administrations for whom it carries out research projects oriented towards generating knowledge, and technological products and services with high added value designed to resolve specific problems.

AZTI is firmly committed to spreading and transferring the results of its research. So the fruits of the daily work of dozens of people who make up AZTI’s human team are made known to its sectors of activity, to the science and education community, and to the public in general through various publications and actions aimed at disseminating them, like the Marine Research Journal.

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