RIM 21(1): Protocol for fish disease assessment in marine environmental monitoring using common sole (Solea solea, Linnaeus 1758) as sentinel organism: identification of externally visible diseases and liver histopathology

Author /Editor: Izaskun Zorita, Nagore Cuevas

Year: 2014

Content: Monitoring the quantification of fish diseases is a well established and widely used tool to assess pollution effects in marine environments. However, there is sparse published information on externally visible diseases and on liver histopathology of common sole (Solea solea), a promising sentinel species in south-western Europe. To address this issue, we report a protocol in which, commonly recorded pathologies in common soles of the Basque coast (south-eastern Europe) are described. This protocol explains in detail the techniques used, from the sample collection to the methodological proposal for the evaluation of liver lesions through a single histopathologic index.


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