RIM 29(2): Characterisation of the fishing, shellfishing and aquaculture activity of the Basque fleet in the Bay of Biscay

Author: Ane Iriondo, Estibaliz Díaz, Javier Franco, Joxe Mikel Garmendia, Igor Granado, Maria Mateo, Arantza Murillas, Iñaki Quincoces, Marina Santurtún, Oihana Solaun

Year: 2023

Download: Download RIM_29_2 (13,8 MB)


This paper presents a global approach to the fishing activity of the Basque fleet in the Bay of Biscay, as well as the applicable legislation in the different areas and fishing gears. Based on VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) and logbook data, the spatial distribution of the fishing fleet larger or equal to 15 m is presented, as well as the seasonality of each fishing gear and the effort exerted. To represent the spatial distribution of the fleet smaller than 15 m, AIS data (Automatic Identification System) were used. The seasonality of the activity of the shellfish sector, aquaculture, as well as that of the marine recreational fisheries, show how each of them has a different seasonal pattern depending on target species, fishing gear or fishing area.

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