About the project

EIT Food RIS Solutions is targeted at engaging student groups with multi-disciplinary backgrounds from RIS countries and of all educational levels, in working jointly on problem issues responding to agri-food challenges in RIS countries. Students have to form a team, record a video along with their briefly described ideas how to deal with industrial problems. The jury will select teams based on videos applications for three months mentoring.

In developing industrially relevant solutions during a period of three months students will be supported in their activities by not only academics and professionals but also will be provided with coaching and mentoring services about IPR issues, business plan writing and guideliness how to pitch. After mentoring period, teams will prepare a detailed power point presentation. On the basis of that presentation, teams will be evaluated by the jury again. Only selected students teams will gain invitations for “Food Marathons – Foodhatons” and will present the results of their activities (i.e. a food prototype, a new solution, a business model). Foodhaton will be organized in Warsaw (Poland) on November 27-28, 2019.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to support entrepreneurial skills of students of all educational levels and draw them in solving industrial problems identified by partners.


The participation in Foodhaton - gaining an invitation for a first prestigious edition of Foodhatons in Poland or in Italy.
> An opportunity to pitch team’s solutions in front of the interdisciplinary jury consisting of industry and science representatives.
> Organizators bear the costs of the travel and hotels for teams (returning the cost for a team – max. 1000 euro/team).
> Two days Foodhatons contains not only pitching session, but also attractive and inspiring activities for participants such us workshop and activities, which will enable to get to
know each other better.
> International networking with professors, speakers and experts from food industry.

A prize of 2000€ for the first group and 1000€ for the second group of Foodhatons.

Mentoring from the experts - preceding Foodhatons three months mentoring for teams with international experts.

The latest information regarding about other EIT Food activities for students and a brief description of PhD and post docs offers from projects partners, who come from Poland, Spain and Italy.

The newest information about the other EIT Food activities for students and brief description about PhD and post docs offers from projects partners, who come from Poland, Spain and Italy.

The best performing project will be highly promoted in other EIT activities.