RIM17(5): Protocol to develop an environmental impact study of wave energy converters


Author / Editor: Juan Bald, Andrea del Campo, Javier Franco, Ibon Galparsoro, Manuel González, Pedro Liria, Iñigo Muxika, Anna Rubio, Oihana Solaun, Ainhize Uriarte (AZTI-Tecnalia); María Comesaña, Antón Cacabelos, Rosa Fernández (Centro Tecnológico del Mar); Gonzalo Méndez (Universidad de Vigo); Darío Prada (Universidad de A Coruña); Laura Zubiate (Robotiker-Tecnalia).

Year: 2010

Content: This work provides an early-stage review of likely environmental effects of wave energy to inform project developers, territorial authorities and interested parties. It aims to introduce a first step to developing a risk management framework, which future project developers and territorial authorities can use to predict, prevent and deal with the environmental impacts of the deployment of wave energy converters in Spain.




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