EROSKI Sannia oat fibre bread

Cholesterol-lowering bread

Together with Artadi Alimentación, AZTI has achieved the industrial scaling of white bread dough with oat beta-glucans that reduce blood cholesterol, optimising the formula to the industrial processing conditions that allow it to be marketed on a large scale. All this while achieving the taste quality and sponginess typical of white bread in loaf format. The result: an organoleptically attractive bread, with a very spongy crumb that maintains its healthy properties. Suitable for daily consumption by people who are concerned about their diet and have cardiovascular problems. The bread is marketed by EROSKI, under the Sannia brand.


  • Each muffin contains 1g of oat beta-glucans and three muffins provide the recommended 3g to lower blood cholesterol.
  • They are great for everyone, not just if you have cholesterol problems, as they help to maintain adequate cholesterol levels.
  • Health claim authorised by the European Food Safety Authority.