Alakrana | 2023

Tataki, steak and saku of high quality deep-frozen tuna fish

As a result of our corporate responsibility and our commitment to the future and innovation, we are pioneers in the deep-freezing process (freezing system at -60 degrees) and specialists in the entire production and distribution chain of deep-frozen tuna.

We are the only national company, and there are very few international companies, that produce high quality deep-frozen tuna on board freezer tuna vessels, traditionally designed for freezing in brine (-14 degrees).

Tuna frozen in brine is destined for traditional canneries.

Deep-frozen tuna is used for the production of our ALAKRANA tuna, a product that has crossed borders and is already in the internationalization phase in European markets.



  • Deep-freezing system (-60° C), on board of our fleet, and control of the entire supply chain, which allows us to offer a 100% natural product, without additives, all year round.