2Btest solutions for self-monitoring systems

2Btest is a range of rapid genetic tests for the authentication and detection of fish species, and the determination of the presence of animal DNA.

Developed by AZTI, 2Btest is a self-monitoring system that results in efficiency, savings, traceability and transparency for your customers.

The range includes:

gama 2Btest

AZTI https://www.azti.es/


  • Quick and easy solutions: 2Btest is an authentication and detection tool that can be easily implemented in your facilities, allowing you to obtain results quickly (from 40 min to a few hours).
  • High reliability and specificity: Thanks to the efficiency of 2Btest methodologies, you will obtain highly reliable results with minimum sample quantities.
  • Cost reduction and economic efficiency: 2Btest allows you to increase the profitability of your business without large investments, reducing the outsourcing of analytical and thus optimizing the cost per sample analyzed.