RIM19(2): Using EUNIS Habitat Classification For Benthic Mapping in European Seas

Author / Editor: Ibon Galparsoro (Editor invitado). AZTI-Tecnalia

Year: 2012

Content: This publication collets the abstract of the Workshop held on 23 and 24 April at the Aquarium of San Sebastián, Spain. This Workshop, organized within the MeshAtlantic project action plan (Mapping European Seabed Habitat Maps in the Atlantic area; InterReg Atlantic Area Transnational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund;, focused mainly upon the experience of different scientists and case studies, using the EUNIS (the European Nature Information Service) habitat classification.

The benefits and problems arisen in the application of the classification were highlighted, whilst the necessary improvements to make it ecologically-meaningful and to be used by managers and decision-makers were discussed. New biotope classes observed in the field, poorly represented biogeographic areas such as the southwestern European seas (with a particular focus on the Atlantic Area region, the Bay of Biscay and the Azores) and the deep-sea realm, were also considered.


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