RIM14: Long-term environmental, anthropogenic and climatic factors explaining spatial and temporal distribution of soft-bottom benthic communities within the Basque estuaries


Author / Editor: Laura Pérez, Ángel Borja, J. Germán Rodríguez, Iñigo Muxika (AZTI-Tecnalia)

Year: 2009

Content: The aim of the present study is to determine, by performing multivariate analysis (Canonical Correspondence Analysis and Redundancy Analysis), the variability in Basque estuarine soft-bottom macrofaunal communities explained by anthropogenic, climatic and sedimentological factors. Thus, this study deals with data on general physico-chemical characteristics of the sediment and with data on pollutants, present within this sediment. Moreover, some oceanic and meteorological variables have been taken into account. Furthermore, temporal trends in all the variables have been analyzed by performing univariate analysis (Spearman Rank Correlations).


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