RIM12: A revision of the crisis created by the Prestige accident, in the coast of the Basque Country: lessons for the future


Author / Editor: Manuel González, Adolfo Uriarte, Andrea del Campo, Nerea Egía, Víctoriano Valencia, Eduardo Alzola and Rogelio Pozo (AZTI-Tecnalia)

Year: 2009

Content: The most serious event of marine pollution in the Cantabrian coast has been the oil spill occurred when the tanker Prestige sunk. This can also be considered as one of the world’s worst oil spills in history, because of both; the amount of heavy fuel spilled and the extent of the affected area (from the Norwest of Spain to the English Chanel). During the first phase of the Prestige crisis (from November the 13th to the end of December 2002, when the pollution reached the Basque coast) a major part of the Cantabrian coast was affected, despite the large distance to the spillage point (to the West of the Galician coast).



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