RIM 27(2): Environmental and socio-economic vulnerabilities of the ports of the Basque Country to marine pollution events

Authors: Luis Ferrer, Ricardo Torre, Manuel González, Jon Caño, Andrea del Campo, Irati Epelde, José Germán Rodríguez,
Julien Mader

Year: 2020

Download: Download RIM_27_2 (1.8MB)

Content:This work presents the methodology used to estimate the vulnerability of the 15 ports managed by the Basque Government to marine pollution events. The vulnerability of these ports was separated into two terms: environmental vulnerability and socio-economic vulnerability. Using this methodology, we obtained that the port of Bermeo (including its adjacent external part) is the one with the highest vulnerability. The vulnerability maps obtained are part of the contingency plans prepared for the ports of the Basque Country.

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