RIM 24(2): The scientific data policies in the digital age: New opportunities and threats to the “Open” tsunami

Authors: Yolanda Sagarminaga, Edorta Aranguena, Oihane C. Basurko, Manuel González, Inma Martin, Anna Rubio, María Santos, Oihana Solaun

Year: 2017

Contenido: In recent years, the Open ecosystem, which includes movements such as Open Source software, Open Access and the most recent Open Data, is generating profound changes in the strategies of researchers and research centers, companies and administrations.
In this article we review these concepts, the most relevant Open initiatives for AZTI in marine research work areas, and the internal initiatives in AZTI that approach these movements. Finally, we present some considerations on the changes that the Open ecosystem and the initiatives related to it, are inducing in the strategies of the different agents, the opportunities and synergies that they can generate, and the need to adapt the actual management systems and organizational processes.


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