February 10, 2010

RIM17(4): Classification of the Basque Country estuaries as potential zones for the restoration of Zostera noltii intertidal seagrasses

  Author / Editor: Joxe Mikel Garmendia, J. Germán Rodríguez, Ángel Borja, Javier Franco (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2010 Content: The drastic reduction of seagrasses observed worldwide, especially in the second half of the 20th Century, together with the high relevance of the
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RIM17(3): Evolution of the Off-shore Fleet in the Context of the Spanish Legislative Framework

Author / Editor: Raúl Prellezo (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2010 Content: The decline of the off-shore Spanish fleet can be explained in the context of the evolution of the Spanish legislation. Thus, the big restructuration of the fleet occurred when the possibility of receiving
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