December 16, 2009

RIM16: Optical measurements of ocean colour with the field-based High-Resolution Fiber Optic Spectrometer (HR4000CG) for remote sensing applications

  Author / Editor: Stéfani Novoa (AZTI-Tecnalia), Guillem Chust (AZTI-Tecnalia), Jean-Marie Froidefond (UMR EPOC) Year: 2009 Content: This contribution presents the implementation of an adapted measurement protocol and a custom-built platform for the High-Resolution Fiber
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RIM15: Technological innovations integrating fish and handling improvement, health and safety at work and fish quality in Basque live bait tuna fishing fleet

  Author / Editor: Xabier Aboitiz, Ángel Pereira (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2009 Content: Tuna handling in these vessels has not chanced since the last twenty years, that’s why we perceived a clear development necessity in the fish handling. Mainly to obtain high safety
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