April 25, 2009

RIM11: Marine sediment toxicity test protocol using sea-urchin larvae Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816)

Author / Editor: Joxe Mikel Garmendia, Iratxe Menchaca, María Jesús Belzunce and Marta Revilla (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2009 Content: This article describes the protocol to carry out Paracentrotus lividus embryo-larval bioassays for evaluating marine sediment toxicity. The
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RIM08: Wave energy atlas from the Basque coast. Maritime Spatial Planning Approach, as a Tool for Selecting Suitable Areas for Installing Wave Energy Converters.

Author / Editor: Ibon Galparsoro, Pedro Liria, Irati Legorburu, Pablo Ruiz-Minguela, Germán Pérez, Javier Marqués, Yago Torre-Enciso and Manuel González Year: 2008 Content: This piece of work presents the methodology developed and based on a Suitability Index (II) to examine the
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RIM05: Implementation of the recovery plan of bluefin tuna (Council Regulation 643/07), within the Basque Country

  Author / Editor: Iñaki Artetxe, Alberto González de Zarate, Jon Ruiz (AZTI-Tecnalia) Year: 2008 Content: This study presents the actions implemented in the Basque Autonomous Community (BAC) to ensure the fulfilment of the CE 643/2007 Regulation (long-term recovery of the
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