Real food, powdered or in sticks, 100% plant based

Yuït Powders

100% vegetable ingredients in powdered form (rice, flax, kombucha, EVOO, peas...) that when mixed with water or milk make a nutritionally complete, satiating and delicious meal.

They are available in 7 different flavours: Cherry & Berry (red fruit flavour), Big Leek (vegetable flavour), Black & White (chocolate and coconut flavour), Caribbean Good Luck (mango flavour), Nili Vanilla (vanilla flavour), Pumping Coffee (coffee flavour) and Choco Shower (chocolate flavour). Presentation in 100g single-dose sachets.

Yuït packs

Yuït Bars

Bars that provide all the necessary nutrients for our body (1 Yuït Bar = a snack, 2 Yuït Bars = a complete meal), as well as being healthy, satisfying and delicious.

They are currently available in 2 different flavours: Bananuts (banana flavour with nuts and chocolate) and Red Queen (red fruit and chocolate flavour).

yuit bar red-queen



  • Super healthy food in practical and innovative formats.
  • Accessible to millions of people around the world, who due to their lifestyle do not want to or cannot dedicate all the time and effort it requires; thus improving their health and giving them a new free time.
  • Inclusive food (100% vegetable, gluten-free and allergen-free), natural and quality (premium) with a high component of CSR, and is aimed at a public that seeks to lead a healthy lifestyle and diet away from muscle building or miracle diets, and for whom there is currently no complete and practical food brand that represents them.
  • In a blind tasting, 100% of consumers choose our brand as the best tasting.