Healthy breakfast cereal & snacks


SMILEAT's TRIBOO range presents the first cereals made with legume flour and only 3.1% sugar, with a high fibre content and no added sugars or sweeteners. Two flavours available: natural and cocoa.

Fruit snacks

It also has fruit snacks, the alternative to jelly beans made from 100% fruit. No pectin, no added sugar and fun shapes inspired by nature. Available in four versions: apple and strawberry, apple and banana, apple and blueberry, apple and lemon.



Breakfast cereals:

  • First cereals made with pulse flour and only 3.1% sugar
  • High fibre content
  • No added sugars or sweeteners.

Fruit snacks:

  • The alternative to jelly beans made from 100% fruit
  • No pectin or added sugar
  • Fun shapes inspired by nature