Plant-based products for a sustainable, healthy and tasty diet

Tuna-flavoured bites

Innovative product based on vegetable protein (soya), presented in irregular pieces with a firm, juicy texture and a pleasantly salty taste reminiscent of tuna.

Bocados neutros HME

Mediterranean chicken bites

Innovative, healthy and tasty option of chicken-flavoured vegetable snacks with Mediterranean herbs. With a meaty, firm and juicy texture.


Buenggies FajitasTex-Mex style

Innovative, highly nutritious ready-made dish with a Mexican twist, an easy-to-prepare, 100% plant-based fajita filling.


Buenggies burger product

A vegetable and healthy hamburger alternative, made with legumes and cereals, with a very complete nutritional formula.




  • Tuna-flavoured bites
    • Excellent alternative to traditional tuna options with only 6 ingredients.
    • It can be eaten straight away or pre-cooked, making it stand out for its versatility and convenience.
  • Mediterranean chicken bites: Product made with 2 technologies: wet extrusion and aeration technology, which gives the product a softer texture in the mouth and visually brings it closer to poultry meat.
  • Buenggies Fajitas Tex-Mex style: Vegetable proposal for sale on the ambient ready meals shelf, easy preparation and preservation.
  • Buenggies product for hamburguers:
    • Easy to prepare and store at room temperature.
    • 100% customisable by the consumer: allows the desired ingredients to be added when forming the burger.