NaturAll vegetable products

The plant revolution is here to stay

Iparlat, a company that supplies soya milk and drinks to Mercadona, continues to make progress in its new line of business, driven by Natur-All, its project for vegetable alternatives that are produced at its facilities in Corella (Navarre).

"We believe that the vegetable revolution is here to stay, and that this is only the beginning. We want to respond to the new needs of the market and to do this we are anticipating by designing and creating new products in different categories".

The range consists of plant-based drinks (such as oat and almond drinks), cream alternatives, yoghurt alternatives and sustainable water.

Among the plant-based beverages the offer consists of oat, soy, coconut, almond, rice or pea-based drinks. For those who are looking for the properties of milk... but not cow's milk. All of them in organic and conventional references.



  • Sustainable packaging.
  • Sustainable production process, minimising water and energy consumption and using waste for animal consumption.
  • Committed to the local farming community.
  • No added sugars.