Sustainability, health and convenience in the dairy sector

Kaiku Caffé Fun Latte

  • Popcorn: A taste like a dream! It's hard to describe, but easy to taste. Enjoy with a good taste in your mouth: the taste of sweet popcorn.
  • Brownie: Your daily ration of brownie, cake or whatever! You have in your hands the taste of ground coffee and the sweetness of chocolate with hazelnuts.


Kaiku Protein WHEY: Cacao-Hazelnut; Vanilla-Strawberry

For athletes in the gym. Kaiku Protein, with 30g of 100% Whey protein and 9 essential amino acids, is the best way to get that extra supply of protein for your most intense exercise days.


Kaiku Kefir Plus

Protect your immune system and enjoy with over 14 million unique probiotic strains and Vitamin B6 and B12.kaiku_kefir

Kaiku Begetal desserts

f you have a sweet tooth and you like vegetables, Kaiku Begetal brings the authentic taste of desserts in its plant-based version. Delicious.kaiku_begetal

Kaiku Gurea fresh milk

All the natural flavour of fresh milk from our baserris in sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging.




  • Kaiku Caffé Fun Latte: Flavours aimed at generation Z, we are expanding our target to make the category bigger. Also 100% natural.
  • Kaiku Protein WHEY: Cocoa-Hazelnut; Vanilla-Strawberry: The only 100% Whey protein drink.
  • Kaiku Kefir Plus: Strengthens the immune system thanks to Vitamins B6 and B12, and with a taste similar to yoghurt.
  • Kaiku Begetal desserts: Authentic dessert flavour in its plant based version.
  • Kaiku Gurea fresh milk: Sustainable inside and out. Sustainably produced milk in 100% recyclable packaging.