Goat and Sheep Butter

Mantequillas innovadoras con nuevos sabores para disfrutar de nuevas experiencias. Buscando siempre la calidad y naturalidad de nuestros productos.

Thanks to our new butter plant, COVAP continues to advance in new product lines by promoting a new project, goat and sheep butters, produced following our sustainable agri-food model that covers the entire value chain.

The result is top quality butters, with a high vitamin A content that contributes to strengthening the immune system and the proper functioning of the eyesight and skin.

This new line of products is presented in an easy-to-use and handy 125-gram pack, following the same visual line as the products in this range. It is designed for consumers who are aware of the need for a balanced daily diet and who are looking for new experiences.

Its natural origin gives it a unique flavour and aroma and a creamy texture.



  • Beneficios para la salud de los consumidores, incluyendo un alto contenido en vitamina A.
  • Proceso de fabricación sostenible, elaborado con la mejor leche de nuestros ganaderos.
  • Diversificación de la oferta de productos con nuevos sabores innovadores.
  • Generando riqueza en la economía local.