La Gula®

Innovation at the service of the consumer

La Gula® del Sur "Pescaíto Frito" Style

An innovative way of eating La Gula®, in the purest "pescaíto frito" style. A light and crunchy appetizer that will end up being the favourite of many.

Angulas aguinaga la gula

La Gula del Norte® Master Recipes

For those who seek exquisiteness and wish to enjoy life's little pleasures, La Gula del Norte® launches its new Gourmet range consisting of two new recipes:

  • La Gula del Norte® Black Truffle: allows consumers to add a Gourmet touch to their dishes.
    La Gula del Norte® Cod and Peppers: allows consumers to enjoy a ready-made Gourmet dish, with hardly any time spent in the kitchen.

Discover these new pleasure experiences, very easy to prepare, and surprise everyone!



Angulas Aguinaga


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