Aguinamar® new recipes

The taste and quality of the sea

Aguinamar® Veggie Rings

The alternative for those who want to include plant-based products in their diets. The rings have a crunchy batter and a firm, bite-resistant texture on the inside. Product with a konjac base, a texturising agent of Asian origin that provides a special bite. Try them in your air fryer, frying pan or oven.

Aros aguinamar veggie AZTInnova

Fish soup and seafood cream

A range designed to heat and serve, it brings together the best properties of the sea in two dishes brimming with flavour, experience and wisdom. References in refrigerated and presented in a bowl that can be heated in the microwave and eaten directly from it, without complications.

Aguinamar®, with these products, responds to the need of today's consumers to incorporate the consumption of seafood products into their diet in an easy, simple way and without investing a lot of time in the kitchen.


Octopus Carpaccio Aguinamar®

Aguinamar® presents a new way of enjoying octopus, ideal for starters. Delicious, fresh and versatile snack ready to eat and easy to plate. In addition, it provides us with nutritional properties such as high protein content and Omega, among others.


Angulas Aguinaga


  • Aguinamar® Veggie Rings: Easy-to-cook product of vegetable origin with crunchy texture.
  • Fish soup and seafood cream: Convenience, flavour, quality and innovation.
  • Carpaccio de Pulpo Aguinamar®: Made from octopus legs cooked in thin slices in the shape of a flower. Without preservatives.