Conclusions of the Food 4 Future Summit 2023

Summary of some of the conclusions of Food 4 Future 2023 and preview of what we will see in the next edition in 2024.July 2023

Food 4 Future consolidates year after year as the point of reference for the agri-food ecosystem: all the agents that make up the agri-food value chain, as well as for those agents that add value from technology, knowledge or innovation.

A professional event with a key differential aspect: bringing together experts not only from the food industry, but also from technology companies, scientific personnel, chefs, entrepreneurs...An ecosystem, a place to share knowledge, explore new opportunities, connect with others, discover potential customers.


  • An overview of the most relevant things that happened at F4F2023.
  • The main insights or key knowledge, which were presented in the congress part of F4F2023.
  • Inspiration, innovations that are impacting and addressing new demands and needs in the food value chain.
  • Invitation to reflection, to activate new perspectives towards F4F2024.

Dates to be reserved in the agenda: 16-18 April 2024.

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