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The general objectives of the project will be achieved by the consecution of specific objectives 



Population structure

Resolve the population structure of commercially exploited marine species within the Northeast Atlantic:

1.1.Determine the stock boundaries using neutral markers 

1.2.Determine existence of time or area related spawning components 


Impact of climate change

Understand the impact of climate change in marine fishes by identifying genomic signatures of adaptation:

2.1.Discover presence of adaptive regions associated to environmental gradients

2.2.Correlate the prevalence and effects of interspecific hybridization with species distribution shifts 

2.3.Assess potential presence of intraspecific hybridization



Integrating knowledge

Integrating obtained knowledge into the assessment process

3.1.Simulate assessment under different stock delimitation scenarios or integrating knowledge about hybrids 

3.2.Develop a framework to integrate genetic data into fisheries assessment within ICES 

Species related to each objetive

Species to which each of the Specific and General objectives will be applied indicating if data is already available and/or if it will be generated.