SC 02-Selecting Ecosystem Indicators for Fisheries targeting Highly Migratory Species (HMS)

Purpose of the specific contract

The main purpose of this specific contract is to select ecosystem indicators that can be used to measure effectively the impacts that fisheries targeting Highly Migratory Species have on the marine environment. The selected indicators should target all ecological components of an EAFM (i.e. target species, bycatch and threatened species, habitats and trophic relationships). This study will provide a list of ecosystem indicators and, for each of them, will also deliver their definition, data requirements, precision level and, whenever possible, reference points. Moreover, the contractor will identify the geographical and temporal scales necessary to correctly use the selected indicators.

Finally, the study will provide an integrated framework, with two illustrative case studies and will provide concrete recommendations to foster the implementation of ecosystem based fisheries management.

Scope of the study

The study should cover fisheries under the purview of ICCAT and IOTC.


January 2017 – June 2018 (8 months)

Tasks to be performed
  • Task 1 – Setting the context
  • Task2 -Selection of Ecosystem Indicators and identification of data requirements
  • Task 3 – Definition of geographical and temporal scales
  • Task 4 – Reference points and management framework
  • Task 5 – Development of Case studies
  • Task 6 – Future research



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