Applied research

We generate sustainable value and business opportunities in our application sectors.

Based on our expertise in marine and food innovation, at AZTI we are looking forward to contributing to create a better planet and improved living conditions. Our professionals combine imagination and perseverance with their vast knowledge to create innovative solutions, generating sustainable value and business opportunities for our application sectors.

In recent years, we have significantly increased our privately funded contracts with food companies for the development of new products. A reflection of this activity are the patents filed by AZTI.


ES2034886: Procedure for smoking albacore (Thunnus alalunga) slices

WO 98/16118: Process for conservation of fresh peeled potatoes

WO 98/42212: Process for obtaining sturgeon caviar analog and product thus obtained

EP 0979615 A1: Process for obtaining clam analog and product thus obtained

EP 0979616 A1: Process for obtaining squid analog and product thus obtained

ES 2136518: System for modelling and simulating the evolution of dispersion of pollutants discharged into the sea

WO 03/103416 A1: Method of producing a type of salted anchovy fillet and the product thus obtained

ES2192459: Process for continuous cod desalting and desalting tank

ES2196972: Process for conservation of desalted cod

ES2196971: Process for enzymatic tuna skinning

ES2196970: Process for obtaining a protein concentrate from tuna red muscle and resulting product

ES2200644: Fabrication of low sodium seasoned anchovy and fillets of this consists of presalting and gutting with salting prior to curing

WO2008081052: Method for mandarin determination

ES2298045: Fresh mushroom conservation method involves combination of treatments with application of covering medium

ES2259893: Muscle and/or fish processing by-product treatment to obtain a high-oil fraction and a low-fat protein fraction and products thus obtained.