RIM Awards 2011


The Editor of AZTI-Tecnalia’s Revista de Investigación Marina (Marine Research Journal) and its Editorial Committee have agreed to award the prize for the best article published in this journal in 2011 to the RIM-18(6) issue entitled: “Evaluación del Impacto en el ciclo Biológico y Estructura Demográfica de especies de interés ecológico y comercial después el vertido del Prestige“. The authors are Guzmán Díez, Estibaliz Díaz, Luis Arregi, Yolanda Sagarminaga, Xabier Irigoien, Paula Álvarez, Unai Cotano, Hilario Murua, María Santos, Arantxa Murillas and Ibon Galparsoro.

The prize is awarded on the following merits of this piece of research:

  • for being an ambitious, multidisciplinary work that has involved several work areas of the Marine Research Unit, showing few previous works in literature applicable to fisheries, after the discharge of a tanker
(First author) GUZMAN DÍEZ. Guzman Díez is PhD in Sciences (Biology) and currently he works as head of project in AZTI Tecnalia in projects funded by the European Commission, Spanish Government and Local Founds related to fisheries management (DELASS: UE, DG XIV 99/055, CEVIS 022686, DEEPFISHMAN EU FP7), acoustic marine technology (SEAQUEST), aquaculture of bluefin tuna (Interreg IIC, EA-BIF, 2.11) effects of contaminants in marine fishes (VEM2003-20082-C06-05, IMPRES), bio-mimetic technologies (SHILAM, LATEXDRED: LEAD_ERA CODE: 2010-022) and parasitism in fishes. He’s also member of the ICES/CIEM Working Groups on Elasmobranch Fishes (WGEF) and of the Biology and Assessment of Deep-water Fisheries Resources (WGDEEP). He has also participated as expert in the WG of Biological effects of contaminants, WG on hake, monkfish and megrim, and in the STCEF, Subgroup on Resource Status (SGRS) Elasmobranch Fisheries. He regularly supervises master and PhD students and has published more than 9 peer reviewed papers, and contributed over 12 working documents in various WGs.



The Editor of AZTI-Tecnalia’s Revista de Investigación Marina (Marine Research Journal) and its Editorial Committee have agreed to award the prize for best reviewer of an article published in the journal in 2011 to Unai Cotano.

He has received the award for the following reasons:

The prize is awarded by the detailed and careful revision of an article, encouraging authors to become involved in a significant improvement of the text, having completed its review in adequate time.


UNAI COTANO. He has got a PhD in Biology by the University of the Basque Country, the begging of his research career was related to the ecology of marine coastal systems, particularly estuaries, regarding both to ecological status of the ecosystem and to the trophic interactions of plankton communities. Further, his research career was focused on the study of fish population, particularly during their early planktonic stages. Thus, he has got 12 year experience in the study of the factors which regulates the survival of the early life stages of pelagic fish population, their recruitment and population dynamics. He has participated in more than 20 papers published in international SCI journals and has got more than 50 contributions to national and international congresses. He has participated in several international expert groups in the framework of dynamics and management of pelagic fish population. He has been the leader of near 20 research projects and during the last year is in head of the Area of Management of Resources of the Pelagic Ecosystem in AZTI-Tecnalia.