The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Matxalen  Uriarte
Matxalen Uriarte Coordinator AZTI - Food And HealthNutritional and Health Claims, Cell Membrane Lipidomics, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Accurate Nutrition and Food Personalization, Customized Food Solutions for Health Prevention. Tel: +34 667 174 329 Direction:Astondo Bidea, Edificio 609 Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Derio Bizkaia 48160 Spain Latitude: 43.295536Longitude: -2.884902

PhD in Medical Science (Biochemistry) by KULeuven (BE). More than 15 years research experience in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (U. of the Basque Country, KULeuven, U. of Oviedo, Institute of Cytology of Valencia, and CSIC). She joins AZTI at the end of 2004, turning into Food Research. In 2006 she is organizing a new department for Food Safety and Quality, integrating new lines for development of detection methods for contaminants and quality parameters; from June 2008-2013, she runs the Department of New Foods, integrating new research approaches in the field of Food and Health for the Food Industry (manufacture) and for innovation into food market. From 2014, becomes in charge for the Market Value Dept. responsible for searching new food markets and contributing to the strategy for international market plans. As member of the management board of the Division, she also contributes to the strategies for Technological and Research plans.