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Photo of  Guillermo  Boyra
Guillermo Boyra Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Observation and Data, Sustainable Fishing Technologies. Website: Publications Tel: +34 667 174 436 Direction:Herrera Kaia, Portualdea z/g Pasaia Gipuzkoa 20110 Spain Latitude: 43.32547Longitude: -1.93014

Guillermo Boyra is a specialist in trawl acoustic surveys. He is conducting his Ph.D. on experimental acoustic techniques for fisheries abundance estimation. Since 2003 he leads a regional program (JUVENA) of annual acoustic surveys for the assessment of anchovy juveniles in the Bay of Biscay. In recent years he has participated in several acoustic surveys focused in pelagic species estimation and acoustic selectivity of tuna around FADs. He has experience in comparing shipborne acoustic (sonar and echosounder) with airborne lidar technologies and methods for fish abundance estimation. Other fields of research he is currently developing are, TS analyses, multifrequency acoustics, vessel noise measurement and analysis and automated pattern recognition. He is member of ICES/CIEM Fisheries Acoustic Science and Technology working group since year 2000.