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Photo of  Esther  Sanmartín
Esther Sanmartín Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies. Tel: +34 667 174 347 Direction:Astondo Bidea, Edificio 609 Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia Derio Bizkaia 48160 Latitude: 43.29685Longitude: -2.869331 Direction: Spain Latitude: 43.296886Longitude: -2.868247

BSc in Food Science and Technology, and PhD in Applied Chemistry. Since 2011, she works as a research scientist in the Food Research Division of AZTI-Tecnalia.

Her current research interests focus on the study of food structures, and the effect of the application of different innovative food processes/treatments and formulations in their technological properties.

Particularly, Esther has a broad background in the application of innovative process (e.g. Maillard reaction) or technologies (e.g. Pulse light,) for the improvement of technological functionality of food proteins (interfacial behavior, gelling, foaming and emulsifying properties).