The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Haritz  Arrizabalaga
Haritz Arrizabalaga Principal Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Marine Ecosystems Functioning, Molecular Ecology and Biotechnology, Observation and Data, Climate Change. Tel: +34 667 174 477 Direction:Herrera Kaia, Portualdea z/g Pasaia Gipuzkoa 20110 Spain Latitude: 43.32547Longitude: -1.93014

PhD in Marine Science (Univ. Vigo, 2003).
Researcher at AZTI since 1999.
Main research topics: tuna stock structure, migrations, environmental influence on population dynamics, foraging ecology, stock assessment and management.
Coordinator of competitive national and international projects with large multicultural consortiums. Participant in more than 30 national and international research projects and contracts.
Active member of the ICCAT Scientific Committee, chair of the Sub-Committee on Ecosystems (2006-2010) and of the Albacore Working Group (since 2007). Member of the IOTC Scientific Committee (2000-2002). Member of the International Pole and Line Foundation STAC and the SSC of IMBER-CLIOTOP (Climate Impacts of Oceanic Top Predators).
Coauthor of more than 30 peer reviewed papers, coeditor of one book, guest editor of a Deep Sea Research II special issue, and coautor of more than 50 working. Referee of papers and competitive research proposals.