The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Jaione  Pagaldai
Jaione Pagaldai
Researcher AZTI - Food Quality, Safety and IdentityNutritional and Health Claims, Food Safety, Food Control, Analytical Services.

PhD in Chemistry by the Basque Country University. Incorporated AZTI in 2011 in Food Research Division as Researcher. Previously worked in Eroski Group in charge of the laboratory of chemistry. Expertise in a wide range of analytical methods and instrumentation, nutritional analysis and labelling, application of current legislation about health and nutrition claims in food products. She is author of 14 publications in international peer-reviewed journals related to the synthesis of organic compounds.

Photo of  Miguel Ángel  Pardo
Miguel Ángel Pardo
Principal Researcher AZTI - Food Quality, Safety and IdentityFood Safety, Food Control, Food Identity, Aquaculture, Biotechnology.

He has been involved in several RTD projects for food control administrations and private companies in the field of food authenticity and safety.During the last years, he has been involved in several European and National Projects concerning to the developing of genetic authentication techniques of food products based on DNA analysis by PCR-RFLP, FINS, microsatellites, SNPs, DNA probes etc… He has published 25 articles in several international and more that 50 communications to international and national congresses and is co-author of four patents based on traceability and food safety genetic methodologies.

Photo of  Irene  Peral
Irene Peral
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodPleasure and Convenience, Food Processing Technologies, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Trend Identification and Application, Aquaculture.

Background: Veterinary
Generalist Competencies:
Food Technology
Specialist Competencies:
New Food Products Development
Food Processing Technologies
She has managed and collaborated in more than 35 R&D projects for food industry companies in Spain and Europe mainly in fish related subjects and new products development (formulation and processing). She has presented papers at national and international conferences, published several scientific and technical papers and is author of 3 food products and food processing patents.

Photo of  Ángel  Pereira
Ángel Pereira
Researcher AZTI - Efficient Use Of Resources (Marine Technologies)Sustainable Fishing Technologies, Safety and Health.

Education: Degree in Biological Sciences, Security Manager, Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and Professional Diver.

In AZTI since 2005 as part of the Aquaculture and Marine Technologies team. An appointed worker in occupational risk assessment, involved in occupational safety projects on fishing boats, have contributed in at least 12 publications on the subject (health, safety and occupational risk prevention)

Photo of  Carlota  Pérez
Carlota Pérez
Laboratory Technician AZTI - Marine Laboratory AnalysisAnalytical Services.

Laboratory technician with extensive experience in work related with the population dynamics of the main commercial species in the Basque Country; identification and distribution by egg and larval stages; processing of biological samples, as well as the processing and interpretation of histological models mainly for Sardina pilchardus, Scomber scombrus and Merluccius merluccius. Participant in oceanographic campaigns for 17 years. Expert in otolith analysis of cod and roundnose grenadier for the evaluation of fishery resources in the North Atlantic.
Analytical experience to determine the physical-chemical parameters in water sediment.

Photo of  Izaskun  Pérez
Izaskun Pérez
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

She is an Agronomist Engineer (Public University of Navarra, Spain), with experience in the Food Industry. She is a senior research in the Food Research Division of AZTI-Tecnalia since 2008. Her research is focused on the study, validation and industrial implementation of emerging technologies for food processing, with main expertise in the stabilization and texturization by puffing-drying. She has participated in more than 30 public and private projects relating to processing technologies and on-line monitoring of quality. She has previous experience in the Food Industry, as quality manager for a snack company.

Photo of  Nagore  Picaza
Nagore Picaza
Researcher AZTI - Technological InnovationCompetitive Intelligence, Trend Identification and Application, Collective Intelligence, Information Management, Consumer and Market.

BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology. Master in occupational Health and Safety by the University of the Basque Country.
She has more than 20 years of experience in Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. Member of AZTI´s Business Intelligence Team.
Her work is focuses on data collection and analysis to foster innovation and help strategic decision-making for AZTI researchers and its clients. Member of the Trend and Innovatory Observatory of AZTI, always attentive to consumer trends and early signs of the market that may have an impact on the food and health sector. She also performs communication activities like contributions in publications, blogs and events.

Kemal Pınarbaşı
PhD Student AZTI - Marine And Coastal Environmental ManagementHuman Activities and Marine Spatial Planning

BSc in Logistics Management and International Finance (Izmir University of Economics, Turkey) and MSc in Maritime Spatial Planning (University of Venice, University of Sevilla and University of Azores) with Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I worked in European research projects on marine spatial planning, decision support tool and offshore renewable energy. My PhD research in AZTI focuses on decision support tools and their application for marine spatial planning activities focusing on fisheries, renewable energy and aquaculture. I have publications in the context of marine spatial planning, and reviewer experience in 4 different international journals.

Photo of  Sarai  Pouso
Sarai Pouso
PhD Student AZTI - Marine and Coastal Environmental ManagementConservation of Marine Ecosystems, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning, Tourism and Leisure.

BSc in Environmental Science (University of the Basque Country) and MSc in Ecosystem Restoration (Alcalá University). Between 2010 and 2015, I worked in research projects on bioremediation, conservation and climate change in different countries (Australia, Italy and UK). My research in AZTI focuses on the recovery of ecosystem services through restauration. I am taking a multi-disciplinary approach, applying ecology, sociology and economics to my research.

Photo of  Rogelio  Pozo
Rogelio Pozo
General Director AZTI - BoardDirection

PhD in Sciences. CEO of AZTI since 2004. Member of the boards of companies in the food sector (New Food Spray, Roboconcept, Apaprocesing) as well as several related foundations in food innovation and safety, quality and excellence (Basque Culinary Center, Euskalit Euskampus, Aquarium of San Sebastiany Elika).
Over 100 scientific publications, spoken at over 50 conferences, inventor on 8 patents, directed 5 doctoral thesis and has also participated in 6 books.
It also has extensive teaching experience as a professor in Master in European Studies at the University of Deusto, Master of Quality Management School engineers, Madrid, professor at Master Food Safety, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.

Photo of  Raúl  Prellezo
Raúl Prellezo
Principal Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Ecosystem Approach to Management.

Education: BSc in Economics and Business Administration, MSc in Business Administration and PhD in Economics.
He has over seventeen years of experience in economic research. He has conducted scientific research on fisheries economics, natural resource valuation, value creation and value management. He joined AZTI in 2000, where he has been working in the field of Fisheries Socio-Economics, involved in many European projects and author of several scientific outputs, including papers, conferences and book chapters. From 2008 he is member of the Member of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) and since 2012 of the steering committee of EAFE (European Association of Fisheries Economics).

Recent works:
Prellezo R., Accadia P., Andersen J.L., Andersen B.S., Buisman E., Little A., Nielsen J.R., Poos J.J., Powell J., Röckmann C., 2012, A review of EU bio-economic models for fisheries: The value of a diversity of models. Marine Policy 36(2), 423-431.

Photo of  Mª Begoña  Prieto
Mª Begoña Prieto
Commercial Executive AZTI - Customer Value DevelopmentCompetitive Intelligence

PhD in biology by the Basque Country University. She works as Commercial executive in Market Value Department at Food Research Division of AZTI. Over 20 years of professional experience related to sales and marketing fields in different multinational companies. Nowadays, she works at AZTI implementing sales strategies and is searching new opportunities and relevant markets for Business development. Her job is very close to the enterprises in Food fields.

Photo of  Esteban  Puente
Esteban Puente
Head of Research Area AZTI - Efficient Use of Resources (Marine Technologies)Sustainable Fishing Technologies.

PhD on Marine Biology and Eco-physiology (Univ. Bordeaux I/France) in 1986.
Working as fisheries technology team coordinator since 1997.
Management expertise related with research activities in a technological R&D centre
Present advisor of the Fisheries Administration and the fishing sector for the technological development of the commercial fishing fleet to enhancing their efficiency (processes and technologies), safety as well as to improving their environmental performances.
Technical expertise on fishing gear technology aiming at reducing the environmental impact of fishing activity and improving the technology development of the commercial fishing fleet. Fisheries management and monitoring with focus on artisanal fisheries.
Expertise on technology foresight and development of Technological Plans for the Marine Research Division co-ordinating a team of researchers.
Participation in several European research projects as partner and co-ordinator.

Photo of  Eduardo  Puértolas
Eduardo Puértolas
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsFood Processing Technologies.

He received his PhD and his DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, specialization in Animal and Food Science) at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). His research interests are focused on the study, application and design of new processes based on emerging food technologies (e.g. pulsed electric fields, pulsed light, high pressure homogenization) for food preservation, food quality improvement, food waste/by-product valorization and process optimizing (decreasing economic cost, increasing yield).
He has been involved in more than 30 research projects and he is co-author of more than 40 publications, including 27 peer-review papers. He is author of the Book “Applications of pulsed electric fields in winemaking” (in Spanish) and he is serving in the Editorial Board of “Frontiers in Nutrition” (Section: Nutrition and Food Science Technology). He has received several awards, highlighting the Best PhD Thesis of Aragón Spanish Region (2010).