The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Karmen  Abaroa
Karmen Abaroa
Laboratory Technician AZTI - Marine Laboratory AnalysisMarine Laboratory Analysis - Observation and Data, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources, Sustainable Fishing Technologies.

Junior Laboratory Technician with 25 years experience in the Food Research Department and over 5 years in Marine Research with experience in biological analysis of pelagic and demersal species and deep water sharks.
Knowledge of maturity-related techniques, such as: Histological processing, macroscopic maturity stages and egg counting. Knowledge of growth techniques, such as Preparation and analysis of bone structures, such as monkfish illicium. Fishery data processing in the Basque Country.
Field sampling: Marine campaigns and coastal sampling.

Photo of  Xabier  Aboitiz
Xabier Aboitiz
Researcher AZTI - Efficient Use of Resources (Marine Technologies)Sustainable Fishing Technologies, Maritime Transport, Ergonomic Improvements, Safety and Health.

Background: Marine technology
Generalist Competencies:
Fishing technology
Food quality
Labour safety
Specialist Competencies:
Operative improvement of fishing vessels maneuvering and techniques
Fishing gear selectivity
Risk reduction on board fishing vessels
Good handling techniques on board and fish quality improvement
He has participated in more 50 projects during 17 years, most of them testing new technologies and new working process on board fishing vessels. Author of 15 publications and guides in the field of fish quality and risk reduction on board fishing vessels.

Photo of  Javier  Aguado
Javier Aguado
Manteinace Technician AZTI - People And OrganisationResources and Systems, Manteinance.

5 years experience in petrochemical instrumentation and analyzers, two years in maintenance in sewage plants and 4 implemented cycles, the last 9 years as a maintenance technician Azti.

Photo of  Borja  Alberdi
Borja Alberdi
People and Organisation Director AZTI - BoardPeople and Organisation

Background: Agricultural Engineering (Spain).
He has over 15-year experience in the field of R + D. He began his career in the branch of the Institute of Food Quality Vasco Argentino in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and later, in July 2002 joined the AZTI Foundation, specializing in issues related to food security and management consultancy .
Since joining AZTI, has participated in the development of projects of various kinds, among which processes of strategic thinking, implementation of an integrated management system for quality, environment and R & D and adopting the EFQM business model within the organization.
Currently, he is member of AZTI Board of Directors and member of the EARTO Excellence & Quality Management Working Group, an organization that brings together the leading research centers in Europe.

Photo of  Unai  Aldalur
Unai Aldalur
PhD Student AZTI - Efficient Use Of Resources (Marine Technologies)Aquaculture, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning,

I´m a PhD student in Bivalve aquaculture. Actually my work to evaluate the suitability of offshore oyster and mussel culture in Basque Region. I´m focused assesing the growth performance and the evaluating the posible constrains on the production (pathological conditions and the effect of phycotoxins).

Photo of  Naroa  Aldanondo
Naroa Aldanondo
Researcher AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMarine Ecosystems Functioning.

Research Interests: Marine ecology, fish biology, recruitment variability, population structure, small pelagic fish, early life stages, otolith.

Education Profile:
Ph.D., Biology, University of the Basque Country, 2010.
M.S., Biology, University of La Laguna, Spain 2005.
B.S., Marine Biology, University of La Laguna, Spain 2002.

Professional Profile:
2013-Present: Researcher, Marine Research Unit, AZTI.
2012-2013: Post-doctoral Fellowship, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia).
2007-2010: Researcher, Marine Research Unit, AZTI.
2005-2009: Pre-doctoral Fellowship (Basque Government).

Photo of  Begoña  Alfaro
Begoña Alfaro
Senior Researcher AZTI - New FoodConsumer Market Research, Food Control, Customized Food Solutions for Health Prevention, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Food Safety.

PhD in Food Science and Tecnhnology by the Basque Country University. Senior Scientist in Food Research Divison at AZTI-Tecnalia. Master degree in Marketing by Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (UPV). Since 2014, Manager of Sensory&Consumer Sciences Laboratory in AZTI. She was a visitor scientist in MAFF (1996), CSL Central Science Laboratory, Norwich, UK and in “National Food Administration” (1998), Uppsala, Sweden. Broad experience of developing and implementation novel analytical tools and methodologies for on-line/at line monitoring of quality and safety of food products. She has been involved in several research and industrial projects for agro-food sector at national and international level. Lecture in several Master Program about “Food Security and Food Bussiness”. Dr. Alfaro is the author or co-author of over 40 publications in international journals and conference proceedings including.

Photo of  Carolina  Alonso
Carolina Alonso
Researcher AZTI- Project Operationes and ManagementEnvironmental outreach and Communication, Marine ecosystems functioning

I have a background in marine biology and oceanography but in more recent years I have focused on outreach and communication of marine issues and also in coordination of international consortia

Photo of  Laura  Alonso-Sáez
Laura Alonso-Sáez
Senior Researcher AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMolecular Ecology and Biotechnology.

PhD in Marine Sciences (2006), with specialization in Marine Microbial Ecology. My main research lines are the study of the diversity of marine microorganisms and their role in ecosystem functioning. Author of 38 publications in international peer-reviewed journals (receiving 1182 citations, h-index:18) mainly in the categories of Microbiology, Ecology, and Freshwater and Marine Biology. Expertise in a wide array of methodologies in Environmental Microbiology such as metabolic activity measurements, single-cell analysis, and molecular tools including high-throughput ?Omics? approaches. International experience in different European research groups including stays in Uppsala University (Sweden, Marie Curie IEF), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg (Germany) and University of Leicester (UK, BES Research Grant). I am Review Editor in Frontiers in Aquatic Microbiology and referee in international journals and project evaluation agencies.

Photo of  Paula  Álvarez
Paula Álvarez
Principal Researcher AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMarine Ecosystems Functioning, Climate Change, Ecosystem Approach to Management,

Ph D in Biology in 1995 by the University of Basque Country. Incorporated at AZTI in 1996 and post-doc position in the Martin Ryan Institute (Galway, Ireland) in 1998 thanks to a Marie Curie Grant. She re-joined AZTI in 1999 working on fish larval ecology and Recruitment, in one hand, and direct assessment of mackerel and horse mackerel biomass applying Egg production methods in other hand. She participated in several international projects (FAIR, AIR, FP6) and lead national project. She has lead oceanographic surveys for more than 16 years. She chaired ICES WKMEGS from 2006-2008 being member since 1999. She is supervisor of many PHD and Master Students and author/co-author of 30 publications in international peer-reviewed journal.

Photo of  Saioa  Álvarez-Sabatel
Saioa Álvarez-Sabatel
Researcher AZTI - New FoodsPleasure and Convenience, Nutritional and Health Claims, Food Processing Technologies.

BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Food Science and Technology, she received a PhD in Food Safety and Quality by the University of the Basque Country.

Her research interests are focused, among others, on the study of food microstructure, food colloids, ingredients´ technological functionality, new processes, emerging technologies (e.g. high pressure homogenisation) and new foods development (e.g. reduced-fat products).

Photo of  Félix  Amárita
Félix Amárita
Head of Research Area AZTI - Food Quality, Safety And IdentityFood Safety, Food Control, Food Identity, Analytical Services, Biotechnology.

PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of the Basque Country, with expertise in applied microbiology and enzymology, developing bio-tools for dairy quality control (potentiometric and amperometric biosensors and FIA devices). He worked in the Department of Dairy Products, Instituto del Fr

Photo of  Javier  Amezaga
Javier Amezaga
PhD Student AZTI - Food and HealthCustomized Food Solutions for Health Prevention, Customized food solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Accurate Nutrition and Food Personalization, Cell Membrane Lipidomics.

PhD student working on cancer cell membrane lipidomics. Master’s degree in forensic analysis, Master’s degree in nutrition and health, Bachellor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Photo of  Eider  Andonegi
Eider Andonegi
Researcher AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMarine Ecosystems Functioning, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources, Climate Change.

Background: Marine Science, Ecosystem Research, Mathematical Modelling.
Almost 10 years of professional experience at AZTI mainly as a modeller working towards the implementation of the ecosystem approach and the integrative assessments and management of marine systems. Involved in more than 20 international and national projects and member of different international expert groups.
Author and reviewer of various publications in SCI-indexed journals, related to ecosystem ecology and the use of multispecies and ecosystem models for assessment of complex marine systems; also author of some scientific contributions in other fields such as the assessment and management of European hake, anchovy and eel and the effects of the Basque recreational fishery on some target fish stocks.
Ecosystem health assessment, spatially-explicit end-to-end modelling, integrated ecosystem assessment and marine spatial planning are among her current research interests.

Photo of  Marga  Andrés
Marga Andrés
Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning, Aquaculture, Sustainable Fishing Technologies, Ecosystem Approach to Management.

Margarita Andrés
Background: Bachelor in Economics by the University of Basque Country (Spain) in 2004, with a master on “Applied statistics and statistics for the Public Sector” by the University of Alcalá (Spain) in 2005. She worked in Santander Bank as a Junior Researcher in 2005 and 2006 studying the microeconomic of some areas of Spain; in 2006 she worked in Tragsatec studying and analysing the State aid granted under Commission Regulation to the Spanish fishery sector at the Spanish Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Socio-economic fisheries; Bioeconomic models; Aquaculture.

Experience in AZTI: She has been worked in several EU funded fisheries projects and tenders Forage fish Interactions (FACTs) , Socio Economic Effects of Management Measures of the future CFP (SOCIEC), Assessment of overcapacity in EU fisheries (Mare/2009/03 Lot 1). She is also invited to the STECF expert working group related to the anchovy stock management and fleet behavior. She is involved in several projects related to the aquaculture economics. She is also a part of the team of FLBEIA (

Photo of  Daniel  Arana
Daniel Arana
Maintenance Assisstant AZTI - People And OrganisationMaintenance.

Technical studies focused on electronic devices development.
Photovoltaic solar panels; hydraulic and pneumatic circuits; PLC System (Siemens S-7); general mechanical aptitude; and cold industrial technologies.
Low-voltage transformer laboratory in Artetxe and electronic maintenance in Inama. Incorporated in AZTI in September 2011. Maintenance of premises and equipment.

Photo of  Javier  Aranburu
Javier Aranburu
Administration and Finance Director AZTI - BoardAdministration and Accounting.

I am responsible of ECOFIN area of AZTI since the last 30 years. I have a long experience in administration and financial resources of the organization. Also, I have worked in all related to buying management and expenditure control and other economic areas. I am a member of the Strategic Committee of AZTI.

Photo of  Martín  Aranda
Martín Aranda
Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Observation and Data, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning.

Martin Aranda holds a Master in Sciences (MSc) degree in fisheries management from the University of Tromso in Norway. He attended the international postgraduate course in Fisheries Governance at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. He has contributed to EU funded fisheries projects such as EFIMAS, CEVIS, TXOTX, MESMA, SOCIOEC and consultancies for EU institutions. Martin Aranda is also interested in marine governance, especially in the relation between new uses of the sea and fisheries. He has contributed to 12 scientific publications in journals and books and participated in ICES working groups on fisheries management. Martin Aranda is also engaged in the provision of technical advice in fisheries matters to developing nations.

Photo of  Estibaliz  Arango
Estibaliz Arango
Senior Researcher AZTI - People And OrganisationPeople Development, Talent Recruitment.
Photo of  Edorta  Aranguena
Edorta Aranguena
Senior Researcher AZTI - People And OrganisationInformation Management.

Degree in Geography and History by the University of Deusto.

Incorporated AZTI in 1998.

Experience in Information and documents management including: Technical documents collection, selection, capture and indexing in databases, information and document retrieval, information resources planning and acquisition, training programs for people using information.

Photo of  Leire  Arantzamendi
Leire Arantzamendi
Senior Researcher AZTI - Efficient Use Of Resources (Marine Technologies)Aquaculture, Human Activities and Marine Spatial Planning,

She has 12 years of expertise in aquaculture and seafood product development and quality assessment. PhD. Thesis in Marine Sciences from the ULPGC (Canary Islands, Spain) developed at ICCM (Canary Islands, Spain) and INRA (St. Peé Sur Nivelle, France) in 2002. Postdoc position at The Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain) (2002 to 2003). Granted by BIZKAIA: XEDE with a contract for the incorporation of Basque talents into research institutions of Biscay (Spain) for the period 2006-2009, managing a research group on Food Technology (LEARTIKER, S.COOP). Incorporated in AZTI in October 2010 as a senior researcher involved in aquaculture projects. In 2012 she won a TORRES-QUEVEDO contract from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Participation in several EU projects on fish nutrition and welfare, and in industry projects concerning substitution of fishmeal and fish oil by plant proteins and oils in commercial diets for seabream, seabass and sole.

Photo of  Ainhoa  Arévalo
Ainhoa Arévalo
Laboratory Technician AZTI - Marine Laboratory AnalysisAnalytical Services, Operational Oceanography Systems, Observation and Data, Operational Oceanography.

My professional experience in Azti is based on participation in campaigns Bioman and Juvena and everything to do with jobs in the research laboratory marine waters, sediments, aquaculture…. On the other hand, in other companies, have been part of the quality assurance Department, performing audits, I.T.S, physical tests, CoA, calibrations and controled presence in workplace, management of non-conformities and customer service.

Photo of  Sara  Arranz
Sara Arranz
Senior Researcher AZTI - Food and HealthCell Membrane Lipidomics, Accurate Nutrition and Food Personalization, Customized Food Solutions for Health Prevention, Customized Food Solutions for Population with Severe Diseases, Nutritional and Health Claims.

Senior researcher in the Food and Health area in AZTI. She develops her research line on obesity, applying membrane lipidomic to the molecular study of obesity in order to design new nutritional strategies integrating functional foods and supplements to prevent and control the pathology.

Photo of  Igor  Arregui
Igor Arregui
Senior Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementObservation and Data, Marine Ecosystems Functioning, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Operational Oceanography.

Marine Research Division in AZTI senior researcher leading projects on temperate tuna (electronic and conventional) tagging and collaborating in tuna direct assessment methods.
Main research areas related to tuna stocks and tagging: sonic tracking, internal archival tagging, and pop-up tagging projects, with the objective of a better knowledge of horizontal and vertical distribution of bluefin and albacore tunas in the Northeast Atlantic. Conventional tagging projects include data management, experimental design for stock migration estimates, analyses of recovery rates in relation with electronic and conventional tagging procedures. He is also expert in bluefin and albacore ecology from small scale behavior to population dynamic modeling including environmental interactions, direct stock abundance evaluation research method applied to pelagic species. Other research are trophic ecology modeling and mesoescale physical oceanography.

Photo of  Haritz  Arrizabalaga
Haritz Arrizabalaga
Principal Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementIntegrated Assessment of Living Resources, Marine Ecosystems Functioning, Molecular Ecology and Biotechnology, Observation and Data, Climate Change.

PhD in Marine Science (Univ. Vigo, 2003).
Researcher at AZTI since 1999.
Main research topics: tuna stock structure, migrations, environmental influence on population dynamics, foraging ecology, stock assessment and management.
Coordinator of competitive national and international projects with large multicultural consortiums. Participant in more than 30 national and international research projects and contracts.
Active member of the ICCAT Scientific Committee, chair of the Sub-Committee on Ecosystems (2006-2010) and of the Albacore Working Group (since 2007). Member of the IOTC Scientific Committee (2000-2002). Member of the International Pole and Line Foundation STAC and the SSC of IMBER-CLIOTOP (Climate Impacts of Oceanic Top Predators).
Coauthor of more than 30 peer reviewed papers, coeditor of one book, guest editor of a Deep Sea Research II special issue, and coautor of more than 50 working. Referee of papers and competitive research proposals.

Photo of  Iñaki  Artetxe
Iñaki Artetxe
Principal Researcher AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementObservation and data.

Education and laboral career: Bachelor in Science (Ecosistems Biology 1982), Master in Science, (1984), Incorpotated to AZTI in 1987, since 1997 senior Researcher. Sincé 2000 Monitoring, Data bases and GIS System Unit Head, Head of Research Projects

Expertise: Fisheries monitoring, sampling, statistical studies, biological analyses.

Participant in the main sampling related projects in UE (SAMFISH, FIEFA and others).
Responsible in Basque Country for Spanish Fisheries National Program Basic Data
Responsible of AZTI teams of Observers at Sea and Samplers
Member of many Working Groups related with sampling and sampling coordination (Planning Group on comercial, Discard and Biological Data, Regional Coordination Meeting North East Atlantic, Regional Coordination Meeting Long Distance Species, etc.).
Participant in Tropical Tuna Groups of ICCAT and IOTC

Photo of  Iraide  Artetxe
Iraide Artetxe
PhD Student AZTI - Sustainable Fisheries ManagementObservation and Data, Integrated Assessment of Living Resources, Ecosystem Approach to Management.

-Bachelor in Biology, UPV/EHU, 2014
-MSc Erasmus Mundus Marine Environment and Resources, National Oceanographic Centre (University of Southampton), Plentzia Marine Station (UPV/EHU), Faculté des Sciences, (Universitè de Liège), 2016

Photo of  Nora  Arzanegui
Nora Arzanegui
Laboratory Technician AZTI- Food Quality, Safety and IdentityFood Safety, Food control, Food identity

Laboratory technician working in the preparation and analysis of food samples to analyse acrylamide by GC-MS. Previously I worked in the analysis of fruits and vegetables by HPLC and GC-MS in IBMCP Company. Moreover, I also worked in the preparation and analysis of different types of biomass in Celignis and Carbolea companies. Finally I have been as a supervisor of students for a British college and I also have experience in microbiology.

Photo of  Jose Luis  Asensio
Jose Luis Asensio
Researcher AZTI - Efficient Use of Resources (Marine Technologies)Operational Oceanography Systems, Observation and Data, Operational Oceanography, Marine Energy.

Engineer (Telecom. Eng.) from Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. His Final Year Project was related to the efficient management of big memory areas and real time data access using C++ programming language. He has been working as Software developer for more than 10 years and he is a certified Java programmer and certified Java web components developer. He has been in charge of the design and development of the MADCUBAJ tool for one year, used in the spectrum and image analysis of radio astronomical data and he attended the ImageJ 2008 workshop to present the MADCUBA project in Luxemburg. Other areas he has been involved are e-commerce, legal data bases, health and hospital management and research and development in rural areas. He started working in AZTI in February of 2016, in the Marine Research Division as researcher. He is involved in the development of different operational oceanography products.

Photo of  Amaia  Astarloa
Amaia Astarloa
PhD Student AZTI - Marine Ecosystems FunctioningMarine Ecosystems Functioning, Ecosystem Approach to Management, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Climate Change.

Biologist and master in Oceanography and Marine Environmental Management. Currently, developing my PhD project about the role of environment and prey in driving marine predator distribution and abundance in the Bay of Biscay.