The people at AZTI are our main asset to achieve the goals that we have set. AZTI is committed to the people in the organisation and in the growth of its human team, which is a reflection of its strength. A human team of over 240 professionals makes possible the growth of the organisation.

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Photo of  Borja  Alberdi
Borja Alberdi
People and Organisation Director AZTI - BoardPeople and Organisation

Background: Agricultural Engineering (Spain).
He has over 15-year experience in the field of R + D. He began his career in the branch of the Institute of Food Quality Vasco Argentino in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and later, in July 2002 joined the AZTI Foundation, specializing in issues related to food security and management consultancy .
Since joining AZTI, has participated in the development of projects of various kinds, among which processes of strategic thinking, implementation of an integrated management system for quality, environment and R & D and adopting the EFQM business model within the organization.
Currently, he is member of AZTI Board of Directors and member of the EARTO Excellence & Quality Management Working Group, an organization that brings together the leading research centers in Europe.

Photo of  Javier  Aranburu
Javier Aranburu
Administration and Finance Director AZTI - BoardAdministration and Accounting.

I am responsible of ECOFIN area of AZTI since the last 30 years. I have a long experience in administration and financial resources of the organization. Also, I have worked in all related to buying management and expenditure control and other economic areas. I am a member of the Strategic Committee of AZTI.

Photo of  Cristina  Elorriaga
Cristina Elorriaga
Technical Director AZTI - BoardFood Processing Technologies, Production Efficiency and Savings, Food Safety, Talent Attraction and Development, Project Operations and Management.

BSc in Biology (UPV-EHU), postgraduate in Project and Innovation Management (UCM-Madrid and AMA-USA). DEA-Food Industries Management-Instituto Int. San Telmo (Spain)
20 years of experience in the Food sector: 10 years focused on the fields of R&D, Quality Assurance and Production in different factories (national and international) and, since 2006, specialized in Team, project, budgets and technical resources Management in AZTI. Currently member of AZTI Board of Directors.

Photo of  Xabier  Irigoien
Xabier Irigoien
Scientific Director AZTI - BoardEcosystem Approach to Management, Climate Change, Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, Molecular Ecology and Biotechnology.

Since 1994 successively worked in “Instituto de Ciencias del Mar” (CSIC, Barcelona), “Plymouth Marine Laboratory” (NERC, Plymouth) and “Southampton Oceanography Center” (NERC, Southampton) and AZTI from 2002 to 2011 before joining King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) in 2011. Head of the Biological Oceanography & living resources section in the Marine Research Division of AZTI foundation from 2004 to 2011.and Director of the Red Sea Research Center in KAUST from 2011 to 2016. Member of the editorial council of Journal Plankton Research, editorial board of Scientific Data, associate editor in Marine Biology and Frontiers in Marine Ecology.

Photo of  Eduardo  Oleaga
Eduardo Oleaga
Operations Manager Director AZTI - BoardProject Operations and Management

With a background of a BSc in Physics and a Master in Oceanography and Marine Resources, my career has developed to the management field.

With more than 8 years of experience in AZTI, I currently hold the Operations Manager position, fully oriented to plan and achieve the Management Plan Objectives.

Member of AZTI Board of Directors ,as well as both internal Divisions Boards.

Photo of  Rogelio  Pozo
Rogelio Pozo
General Director AZTI - BoardDirection

PhD in Sciences. CEO of AZTI since 2004. Member of the boards of companies in the food sector (New Food Spray, Roboconcept, Apaprocesing) as well as several related foundations in food innovation and safety, quality and excellence (Basque Culinary Center, Euskalit Euskampus, Aquarium of San Sebastiany Elika).
Over 100 scientific publications, spoken at over 50 conferences, inventor on 8 patents, directed 5 doctoral thesis and has also participated in 6 books.
It also has extensive teaching experience as a professor in Master in European Studies at the University of Deusto, Master of Quality Management School engineers, Madrid, professor at Master Food Safety, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Complutense University of Madrid and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition.

Photo of  Adolfo  Uriarte
Adolfo Uriarte
Business Director AZTI - BoardCompetitive Intelligence, Climate Change, Operational Oceanography, Customer Value Development.

BSc. In Geology, University of the Basque Country (Spain), Msc. and PhD. in Oceanography, University of Southampton (U.K.). Has lead and collaborated in many projects, both at national and international level being specialized in sedimentology and morphodynamics. Is author of multiple scientific and technical national and international publications, as well as of many technical reports and international congress presentations. At present leads the value assessment of the different technological assets developed within the organization, being responsible of the transference of technical and scientific knowledge to the private and public sectors. Is member of the Basque Environmental Advisory Council of the Basque Government , of the Committee of experts of the UNESCO Chair for the Reserve of Urdaibai and permanent member of the board of the Spanish Port and Coasts Engineers’ Conference. At European level he is member of the European Fisheries Technology Platform and the European Aquaculture Technological and Innovation Platform.