Enhancing small scale fishing sector’s participation in decision-macking

General objetive

  • This project aims to enhance small scale fisheries participation in decision-making. To this general aim, the objective of this project is the identification of actions – and potential barriers – to encourage and enable a broader participation in decision-making of the small scale fishermen organizations – by analyzing the existing organizations and bodies that represent the SSFs. In particular, the project will promote a broader SSFS involvement in the industry organizations (e.g. POs) and publicly established bodies. In this later case, it makes sense to investigate potential broader involvement – by encouraging and enabling greater participation of fishermen in the decision process -, on a regional basis and include evaluation of the actions to do it within the structure of the Advisory Councils themselves (ACs).

Geographical scope:

  • This objective will be tentatively reached at different levels: local, national and European, across the different countries within the south-western waters (ICES zones VIII, IX and X (waters around the Azores), and CECAF zones 34.1.1, 34.1.2 and 34.2.0 (waters around Madeira and the Canary Islands).

Expected results

  • Provide a reference frameworkfor identification of SSFS representatives. This framework permits to start building a complete base on stakeholders representing the SSFS at local, national and EU level; and already existing networks with SSFS participation, among other issues.
  • Identify and promote the adoption of specific actions to reduce the gap between the current institutional SSFs management model and a potential improved co-management model which could facilitate a broader involvement and representation of SSFs at local, national or EU level. A Good practices guideline is produced.
  • Create a web-based observatory of SSFs for the south-western waters.
  • Provide a forum for SSFS governance discussions where a consultation process is implemented by applying methods such as face to face interviews, focus groups and a High level Round Table.
  • Promote the SSFS involvement in already existed maritime networks or small scale fishermen networks. Creation of fishermen networks (only if evaluated as necessary and if possible).

Consortium: AZTI, CFP, Fundación Loxanet, Mr. Javier Sarobe Iturregui

Funding: EU. General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Directorate A – Policy Development and Co-ordination

Lenght: January 2016 – December 2017